About Uptown Lunch,

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From the Founder: George Cardona

 So here’s the deal… if you live in Charlotte, NC , then you know how big Charlotte, NC really is. And when it comes to food it's impossible to now off every place in Charlotte, NC and its  surrounding areas. This site will hopefully be a place for you to find the gems in a sea of duds, wherever it is your work or live

 Founded in 2010, Uptown Lunch did not get the ball rolling up until the spring of 2012. I had a huge set back due to a hip replacement. I've fully recovered and I'm pursuing my dream. To build a hub where the food and beverage industry can promote their businesses and Foodies can go to without having to visit many different sites, 

 Uptown Lunch , is not exclusively covering the food and beverage industry in Uptown Charlotte. 

We're reaching out to the Charlotte market and metro area's. The name is really catchy and it was meant to be that way. 

 All in all we hope that Uptown Lunch will be a useful resource for all of you who are looking for some great Foodie specials or treat yourself to something new. 

 So step away from work, and treat yourself and family, and discover what Charlotte, NC has to offer!

 If you visiting Charlotte, NC what a great resource as well!

Comments and recommendations are always welcomed!



Best Regards,

George Cadona

Founder of Uptown Lunch